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Taking the Woo Woo out of Women's Wellbeing


By Mairead Moriarty, Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker


The Wellbeing market is valued at about $1.5 trillion and incorporates everything from purchasing a Peloton to burning sage to banish negative spirits. There’s a lot of noise and babble out there distracting women from the important question they need to ask before taking any action:

What does true wellbeing mean if you’re a Woman?

Here is a good checklist, but please don't despair if, at the moment, you can't tick off many of these:

Good mobility - an effortless approach to nutrition - medication-free - quality sleep - strong digestion - glowing skin - an energetic body -conscious parenting - an open-hearted approach to relationships - balanced moods - being productive - at ease with your body - intimacy and desire as an important expression of who you are - motivated and living with purpose - pain-free - feeling creative - addiction-free -curious about life - living without fear - confident - high self-esteem - self-directed - letting your light shine - and much more.

You may say, 'But I'm over [insert your age here]. It isn't realistic to expect to have most of these.’

But is that true? 

  • As women, we accept everything from bloating to painful periods, to night sweats, to mood swings, to cravings as part of an average life.

  • We are very comfortable going to pharmacies to get ‘cures’ for ailments without questioning the root cause.

  • Young mothers accept living in survival-mode as they try to juggle parenting, careers, and relationships.

  • We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will most likely be medicating by the time we reach our 40s.

  • We've surrendered to the notion that our mobility and flexibility will dramatically reduce each decade.

  • We adopt the notion that perhaps we need to be ‘fixed’ before we can be lovable.

  • We don't question why aches and pains have become part of our daily existence.

  • We endure marriages with little or no intimacy.

  • We buy into the idea that our value as a woman is linked to our appearance.

  • Menopause and Perimenopause are viewed as difficult disrupters in our lives rather than a woman’s natural biological evolution.

  • We dim our lights and keep ourselves small. The list goes on …..

Please stop accepting these parameters when it comes to your health and wellbeing: Remember that ‘Struggle’ isn’t your default setting. It doesn't have to continue this way!

This year, before you buy into yet more products, activities, equipment, and stuff that you hope will enhance your health and wellbeing, I first want you to know this:

You have all the power and resources you need within you to dramatically improve your health and wellbeing. Of course, you can use external resources to help you on your wellbeing journey, but only as add-ons. Once you’ve learned how to harness your personal power for a sustainable approach to being well you will need a lot less ‘stuff’ to get you a joyful and energetic life.

Come and join my transformative Women's Wellbeing Day at the Brehon Hotel on 24 February 2024, where you can learn how to create a bespoke healthy and sustainable lifestyle plan and harness your personal power. 

The difference between your yesterday and your tomorrow can be breathtaking!

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