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Creation / Reaction


by Mairead Moriarty

Two words - the same letters but arranged differently. A bit like humans. The same biological ingredients just arranged differently.

The meaning of our existence as humans can be summed up in one word - CREATION. We are beings designed to create. If you are wondering what exactly this means, then look at what the opposite is: DESTRUCTION. Look at how Destruction shows up in our world—war, trashing the environment, neglect of the self or others, hatred.

Each day, ask yourself what part of your life is aligned with Destruction. It might be how you care for yourself - food and movement, who you spend time with, where your focus is, negative beliefs about yourself or others, or how you engage with the natural world. Once you see where destructive action is taking place in your life, you can take a step and make a small adjustment to move towards creative action.

For instance, you could create better meals, create supportive exercise habits, create stronger and healthier relationships, create a harmonious environment in your garden that welcomes bees, birds, and wildlife, use your talents and skills to create a career where your best self can turn up, create a mindset of forgiveness and compassion, and create a culture that allows space for human beings of other race, religion or orientation.

Once you are focused on Creation, you are no longer part of the Destruction that is harming our beautiful world. Also, you become a beacon that inspires others, creating positive social change. In acts of CREATION your life’s meaning begins to flourish.

Our REACTION to the question of what life means should always be CREATION.

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