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One on One
Holistic Wellbeing Coaching


Let 2023 be your Year of Wellbeing. Let's make a plan together that will transform your life and bring you lasting happiness.

If you are looking for meaning and purpose in your existence, you're not alone. It is a fundamental drive in everyone. Many individuals use busy-ness, addictions, conflicted relationships etc to quell their inner voice that asks "what is my reason for being here?" 

If you want to start a meaningful journey to seek out your true purpose, give me a call. Joy begins the moment you start the process of personal discovery and transformation.

Mairead Moriarty

0868596409 /

The formula for a truly meaningful life is simple ...


Be in the Right Place,

With the Right People,

Doing the Right Thing.

You have your own inner compass that will guide you once you get started. My role is to shine the light that will help you find your compass.

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