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One on One
Holistic Wellbeing Coaching


Let 2024 be your Year of Empowerment.

Let's make a plan together that will transform your life and bring you lasting happiness.

Student Coaching

Leaving Certs

What you can focus on:

  • Destressing around exam time

  • Figuring out career / college choices

  • Letting go of the Past

  • How to discover your purpose 

  • Building confidence

  • ... and much more.

I am happy to coach Leaving Cert students in small groups, helping to spread the cost of the sessions for parents/guardians. 

Mairead Moriarty

0868596409 /

Adult Coaching


What you can focus on:

  • Creating a healthy body though effortless weight loss

  • Being at home with your thoughts and building a happier mindset

  • Creating nurturing Relationships

  • Finding Love

  • Letting go of the Past

  • How to discover purpose - Career

  • Parenting - What it means to do your best

  • Finding meaning in Retirement

  • Coping with loss

  • Say goodbye to Binge eating

  • A Joyful Menopause 

  • How to navigate illness

  • Nurturing yourself when you are a Primary Carer

  • How to restore Energy 

  • .... and much more .....

Your best life begins when you realise you have the power within you to change.

Mairead Moriarty

0868596409 /

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."   

                                        Lao Tzu

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