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Love Yourself? ... or maybe not ....

Love Yourself … or maybe not!

By Mairead Moriarty, Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Motivational Speaker

From neon signs in hipster cafes to self-help books, you are endlessly bombarded with the message Love Yourself. But is this a helpful message?

Essentially, this concept involves you becoming two people:

One person who is doing the Loving and one person who is being Loved.

What if you aren’t feeling the LOVE you’re giving yourself? What if you still feel a sense of disappointment with your life, your achievements so far, and your appearance?

No matter how much you try to FEEL that love, it’s just not making an impact.

This disconnect creates yet more disappointment. Are you incapable of Loving yourself adequately, or are you somehow broken and unlovable?

Living is a process - you are constantly moving and changing. To get the most from your life it's important to be fully engaged when choosing the best way to care for yourself, knowing what career will allow you to flourish, and building emotional balance to create mutually supportive relationships.

Remember, there are many new chapters yet to be written. You don’t have to LOVE YOURSELF as you grow and evolve but you should honour your needs and give your true heart a voice. The more you are aligned with who you are – body, mind, and spirit - the easier your life will feel …

… and you won’t need to give that LOVE to yourself … because you will have become LOVE!

I am hosting a wonderful Women's Wellbeing Day at the Brehon in Killarney on 24 February 2024 where you can learn how to consciously design a wellbeing plan that's truly personal. I would LOVE to meet you there!

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