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I'm Lovin' It !!

By Mairead Moriarty, Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Motivational Speaker, Meditation Guide

Today’s big question is this:

Why do you quit the wellbeing plans you've chosen that can help you achieve what you desperately seek?

Perhaps you long to be fitter or slimmer. You know that going to the gym regularly and completing solid and varied workout programmes will help towards your goal. Yet, after the initial love-bombing of your new gym membership, you'd rather clean behind the fridge than go and workout.

Maybe you are hoping to be sizzling by summer, so you’ve started a new dietary plan that’s already showing good results. Yet you are constantly hungry or craving junk food. You feel miserable and are one protein bar away from a binge.

Perhaps you are looking for a less stress-y life, with better sleep and more energy. You’ve committed to doing regular meditation and soothing yoga each evening to reduce anxiety. Yet the very thought of completing these holistic practices bores you senseless.

Well, the reason you’re likely to abandon these positive practices is:

No matter how desperately you want the positive outcome, if you don’t LOVE the actions you’ve chosen to reach that outcome, you will never commit long-term to the process.

Boom! That’s the key to the failure of all fitness and diet plans ….. even relationships! 

As humans, we are wired to avoid suffering, pain, and boredom (a very real form of pain!). We can suck it up for a while, but inevitably, regardless of positive progress, we’ll abandon ship!

But don’t despair. There is a unique way for everybody to attain health, fitness, and wellbeing. It starts when you listen to what your Heart, Mind, and Body want.

Here are the three steps I recommend and teach as part of my wellbeing programme:

First, emotionally detox from conventional dieting and release addictions to ultra-processed foods. This allows your body (and mind) to function properly.

Second, when it comes to exercise, stop thinking in terms of calorie burn. Instead, really lean into the question: how do I want to move my body - exercising in groups, in solitude, stretching gently, sweating it out on a hike, swimming, running free? Trust me, there’s a movement just for you.

Third, stop mirroring what your friends/influencers are doing around wellbeing. You have your own unique set of emotional and physical requirements. Honour them!

Oh…. and by the way, you can be sizzling by Summer. 

Life is wonderful, and you should be Lovin’ It!

Ladies, learn more about creating your bespoke healthy life at my Ultimate Day of Women’s Wellbeing on 24 February 2024 in the Brehon Hotel, Killarney.

And for any men reading here today, if you are interested in finding a unique approach to healthy living, please follow me on Instagram: @myroola or sign up at where I will be posting blogs and listing future events.


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