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Empowerment ... you go, Girl!

EMPOWERMENT – You go, Girl … !


The term empowerment follows women everywhere. It seems you need to ‘man up’ and be ‘powerful’ in your life. But what does it mean to be a 21st Century empowered woman?


The word POWER is embedded in the term, and with it comes a slew of misconceptions. Are you to believe that power is physical strength? Does it mean ‘taking charge,’ maybe being ‘aggressive,’ and perhaps displaying ‘ruthlessness'?


These limiting connotations reflect the mislabeling of power for centuries focusing on traits that bestow the holder with the power to control, perhaps usurp or oppress others.


This narrow concept of Power is unhelpful for women. Yes, you can take charge, be in control, assertive, and impressive – there’s room for all of these qualities. But if you embody only these traits and discard the transformational powers that you possess like compassion, creativity, strength, nurturing, fortitude are you losing sight of what it means to be truly empowered?


So, why not be fully empowered to be who you are. A full spectrum of human traits, with the POWER to create a meaningful life for yourself while joyfully transforming the world around you.

Say hello to all of you!


I am hosting a wonderful day of empowerment for Women entitled “It’s time to Shine”. Click here for more details.


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