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Your Search for Significance Starts with You

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

So much of what you do is pushed out into the wide world. Your images float across social media platforms. Your preferences are highlighted to others by the videos and links you share. As a result, you are constantly ‘showing’ who you are to a wide audience of friends, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Whether conscious of it or not, your sharing is ultimately rooted in a desire to be seen, perhaps liked, or even acknowledged. Put simply, you are searching for significance within the world.

But there’s a risk when you look to others to give your life significance. How can you be sure that the opinions or reactions of those around you – whether negative or positive – are reliable? Only you can honestly say who you are. Only you can accurately define your place in this world.

Your search for significance starts with you. First, look in a mirror and acknowledge the value you place on yourself as an individual. Remember, you are not a person whose worth is determined by anyone around you.

Try Putting Yourself at the Centre of Your Life’s Story

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