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The Magic of Stopping

The Magic of Stopping

by Mairead Moriarty

21st Century wellbeing is primarily focused on goal setting. Many of your wellbeing targets might be driven by Apple watches, Fitbits, and apps, and could include things like getting your 5 a day, 8 glasses of water, 10k steps, etc.

If you want to radically improve the wellbeing of your mind/body/spirit today: STOP. No more targets, no more unreasonable pressures, and stresses. No more beeping apps reminding you that you are one missed workout away from failing. Just STOP. Instead, choose to make quality, day-to-day decisions that support a healthier you in areas like nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. Let your intelligence guide you to what works best for you. There is no ‘one size fits all’ regarding how you manage your lifestyle.

Check if your current health regime involves guilt, stress, and disappointment. Also, analyse if you regularly feel demoralised by missing workouts or by a bit of overindulgence. How can any of these negative feelings support a happier and healthier you?

Your life is a celebration. So, bring joy and your imperfect best to your personal wellness journey. This is where long-lasting health begins.

If you want to improve your Wellbeing today … just Stop!

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