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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

By Mairead Moriarty

You discover who you are as you progress through life. The feedback from friends, family, employers, and society reinforces ideas about who and what you are. Of course, evaluating the relevance and value of these messages is important. Are those individuals telling you who you are accurate, honest, and informed? Do they truly know you?

As you get older, you can be hampered by age-old beliefs given to you when you were a child. A casual comment or a repeated family joke can become embedded in your psyche, and you continue to drag this unhelpful belief around even though it does not serve you. Sometimes, the negative or limiting beliefs given to you unwittingly by someone you love and respect can impede your personal growth the most.

Take a moment now to bring any unhelpful belief into the light and ask yourself:

‘Is this true?’

‘Who would I be without this belief?’

‘Can I let it go?’

And when you interact with young children, be mindful when you pass a verdict on how they act or live. They are learning who they are in the same way you did. They are waiting for you to hold up a mirror to show them who they are.

Find words of encouragement, where possible. Praise a child’s character first, rather than focusing solely on their appearance or achievements. When you need to correct them, do it constructively. Regardless of age, you are constantly evolving, so believing your personality is set in stone limits your capacity to grow and change.

Take a look within and acknowledge the many parts of yourself that are truly great. Why not work on reducing the qualities that impede your positive growth and be part of a movement that creates a supportive and nurturing environment for the next generation.

When you look in a mirror or hold one up, be proud of what is reflected.

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