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May the force NOT be with you !

Look at the amazing world you inhabit. Trees grow from tiny seeds, babies are conceived and are born, and everything that flourishes does so effortlessly – quite often flourishing better without human intervention! And yet, in the middle of all this splendour we, as humans, cling to a belief that we are somehow masters of our destiny. We wake each day with a dynamic force of will, determined to create a life of worth.

We choose goals based on our rational yet limited thoughts, and we throw ourselves into desires driven by a sense of lack rather than a sense of love. So much of our frustrated energy is used to push ourselves along pathways that bring us stress, anxiety, disappointment, and fear.

Today, instead of pushing and forcing yourself in an unfulfilling direction, simply SURRENDER. Acknowledge the place you are at right now. Accept it for what it is. Then, implement small changes and new practices that support your core values, eg. Having good quality relationships, a better home/work balance, finding expression for your creativity, or building self-confidence so you can create loving connections. You will always know you are on the right path, moving in the right direction, because your life will begin to feel effortless.

Releasing attachment to materialism and choosing your unique milestones won’t involve forcing, stress, or anxiety. Of course, you will always encounter bumps in the path of life, but they are more easily navigated when you’re filled with the joy of living your best life.

May the Force NOT be with you – Surrender to your effortless existence

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