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Let Gratitude be your Attitude

Let Gratitude be your Attitude.

By Mairead Moriarty, Holistic Wellbeing Coach


Over the past few years, several slogans have centred on the principle of Gratitude. Why is Gratitude so important?


Well, Gratitude is the ultimate antidote if you have become a little too fixated on what is ‘Less than …’ in your life.


For instance:

Less than happy with your health.

Less than pleased with your appearance.

Less than satisfied with your career.

Less than content with your relationships.

…. the list goes on ….


The unconscious statements or actions you make daily underscore your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your life. Focussing on what you cannot achieve can often close your eyes to all the things you can do. If you see only the dark parts of your life, you are missing the brighter moments. Life is filled with both light and shadow; it is never completely one shade!


Gratitude is your ability to refocus and identify the parts of your life that bring depth and quality to living eg. Friends, nature, connection, honouring what you can do physically, where you can support your communities, pets, joy in small things etc.


A simple analogy about life is this: Imagine you are invited to a glorious banquet. There’s a long table filled with the most delicious plates of food. You meet your friends and family at this feast. As you look across the tables, you notice there are ingredients in some of the dishes that you don’t like. There might be an entire platter of food you know will give you indigestion. Maybe there are foods not on the table that you wish were there. The more you search for what is wrong or missing, the less you will enjoy the banquet.


Gratitude is seeing the tasty dishes that will nourish you. Your choices may appear plain and unexciting to others, but you joyfully tuck in. Perhaps the best aspect of the banquet is the time you spend with those you love as you savour the almost limitless array of beautiful food created for your enjoyment.


Life is a rich banquet made up of lots of dishes. Reach for the food that will nourish and enhance your life experience and enjoy sharing the feast with those you love.


Let Gratitude be your Attitude this Christmas as you make time to replenish and revive, in the company of friends, with faith that the banquet is always there to nourish your mind, body and soul.


Merry Christmas and Bon Appetit, everyone. 


Mairead x

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