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Give up ... Giving Up

 ... your journey to a great life must be as unique as you are.

Give up …. Giving Up

by Mairead Moriarty, Holistic Wellbeing Coach, Motivational Speaker


How often have you started a new regime around fitness, weight loss, mental health support, beauty, self-care, personal care, romance, or finances and have quit? Well, hey, you're not alone.


If you were among the many enthusiasts who signed up for a positive change at New Year, you're most likely living with a very nasty bout of guilt. You know what I mean: the forgotten gym bag fermenting by the front door, the empty wine bottles patiently waiting for a discreet drive to the bottle bank, and perhaps the Twix/Tayto wrappers getting cosy in the car door ….

Do not despair … stats say that only 9% of us who make resolutions complete them. 23% quit their resolution by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January.


If you're one of the resolution quitters, my advice is this. CELEBRATE! Yes, you read that right. Celebrate that you aren't torturing yourself with a plan or regime that just didn't suit you.


And if this is just one in a long line of abandoned plans, don't allow that recurring cycle to reinforce the belief that you:

  • Have no staying power

  • Can't commit long-term to something good for you

  • Lack motivation

  • Will always fail/quit


Because it's just not true. 

The only error has been outsourcing your plans to memberships, apps, and plans created for mass market sales. You are too unique, changeable, and quirky to fit into the confines of some logarithm.

What you need is a little focused time and space to properly create unique and enjoyable actions, methods, and systems to get you the life, health, body, mind, and energy you desire.

I am hosting a Women's wellbeing event at the Brehon Hotel in Killarney on 24 Feb '24, where I will guide you as you develop your unique and sustainable wellbeing plan.

The difference between your yesterday and your tomorrow can be breathtaking.


Tickets from or Eventbrite

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