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Body and Mind: Thank you!

Body and Mind: Thank you!

By Mairead Moriarty, Holistic Wellbeing Coach

As you navigate the Christmas season, you might get caught up in a spiral of guilt and regret, lying in a pool of recriminations and sugar sweats. You may be focusing on those extra pounds, the collection of empties for the bottle bank, surrounded by a pile of sweet wrappers. Also, you might have had some tense emotional battles over the holidays, leaving you drained and discouraged. These elements create the perfect setting for some heavy-duty self-loathing.

But before you lose yourself in a pointless and demoralising game of 'I wish I hadn't…', why not consider all that is positive about your extraordinary and resilient Body and Mind. This dynamic duo is amazing, taking a lot of ill-treatment but still showing up for you daily.

And remember, the standard of anything you wish to achieve in 2023 – relationships, parenthood, careers, creativity, etc. – is dependent on the healthy functioning of your Body and Mind.

Instead of old-school resolutions, why not write a list of how you intend to compassionately support yourself over 2023? It should be a fluid list that you will monitor and adjust over the year. Forget about aiming for perfection. Instead, get comfortable with imperfect action and imperfect results.

Start your year from a place of self-worth and self-care. Value your most valuable possession: that's YOU!

Imperfect, extraordinary, brilliant, and resilient YOU!

If you know you want to change your life but are unsure where to start, call me now: Mairead 0868596409 /

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