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Your Place on Earth

The further you move from your connection with the natural world, the greater your unhappiness. Ceasing to live positively alongside the plants and animals of this planet contributes to a disconnection from your natural state.

But you don’t need to return to a simplistic life, living in a candlelit hut and growing your food to reignite this connection. Instead, you can be part of a modern movement and live in rhythm with the planet. First, decide to produce or consume food that doesn’t damage ecosystems. Second, manufacture or buy what you need rather than what you want. Finally, take a hard and honest look at how your daily decisions impact the world locally and globally.

Make one small change today to improve your relationship with mother earth. Try to make decisions and take actions that will inspire others to live a conscious life, more in tune with our natural world. You don’t need to be perfect, just willing to make positive changes when possible.

Let your time on Earth Mean Something

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