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Who Am I?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

It seems like a straightforward question, right? When asked this, we usually answer with our names, maybe something about where we’re from, our place in a family group, or perhaps our association with a school or team. Simple! But all we’re really telling people are factual details about who we are. For instance, if your name was changed, if you left the family unit, if you no longer participated in school or were part of a team, would you still exist?

Who we REALLY are is a combination of many things. Essentially, it is a mix of our values, character traits, beliefs, and habits we have chosen, assimilated, or created over our lifetimes. They are elements that will constantly evolve as we learn and grow.

Until you are fully aware of WHO YOU ARE, you may be confused about what decisions or choices to make about your future.

When you can confidently answer the question WHO AM I? you have a solid foundation to build your life and move forward with clarity

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