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When in Doubt - Follow your Heart

How to choose your perfect career path

By Mairead Moriarty, Holistic Wellbeing Coach

I work with a lot of 6th students and young clients who are in that twilight zone trying to figure out what career path they should follow. My advice to stressed parents and generally even more stressed students who are caught up in this dilemma is this: When in doubt, follow your Heart!

What this means is to choose a course or apprenticeship that will use your best talents. By the way, talents aren’t just about achieving academically; they can show up in your favourite hobby and positive personality traits too.

If you are going on to third level, and are still undecided about your CAO / college choice, think about choosing a course that comprises the topics/subjects you love studying. When you are at college on a lonely, gloomy winter’s evening, preparing a paper for a deadline, you will want to reach onto a shelf to take down a textbook that excites and interests you.

If you are already part-way through a course of study or in a career that feels a bad fit for you, it's never too late to redirect your focus.

Career success and satisfaction come to people who do what they love. Why? It’s because they are naturally good at things they love, having spent more time learning and focused on topics and activities that ignite their imagination, curiosity, and creative abilities.

In your desperation to make a career choice, try to avoid decisions that see you copying your friends’ paths. Also, don’t simply max out your points and choose a career that offers you nothing more than a lucrative salary. Your working day will be long and miserable if you are not in your perfect groove.

So again, I say, when in doubt, follow your Heart. You’ve arrived into this world with unique skills, abilities, and personality strengths. Allow them to flourish in the perfect setting.

Let the best of you, turn up in your career each day.

If you need help finding the right career path for you, give me a call on 0868596409. I'd be delighted to help you unlock your full potential.

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