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Is this it?

Is this it?

A call to positive action

Is this it? This is the question that precipitates change: sometimes positive, sometimes negative.

Life is busy. You are constantly in motion: running your home, socialising, consuming, exercising, and working. The only time you seem to drop down a gear is when you flop in front of a screen or roll into bed exhausted.

But sometimes, during all this activity, you might stop momentarily and ask, "Is this it?" This question comes from a place of 'longing' and not 'disappointment.' Your longing stems from a basic human drive to connect meaningfully with people and your environment. Essentially, a desire to live with a positive purpose, accessing and releasing the natural joy and love within you.

Once you identify that there is a desire for something more from your existence, you have two options:

Option One: do nothing strategic. Simply fill that space of longing with unhelpful and unhealthy activities, eg. overconsumption of alcohol, bad food choices, excessive shopping, unnecessary house renovations, unfulfilling relationships etc. This busyness creates the illusion that your life has meaning and purpose.

Option Two: you take a strategic step towards a better life by making space for activities and relationships that enhance your life. Honestly reviewing your lifestyle choices and identifying what really drives your happiness. Perhaps changing your career or where you live. Getting out in nature. Volunteering to help improve society. Overall, seeing what you can do each day (even in small ways) to give your life an energetic and joyful purpose.

Life can be a richly rewarding experience. Don't simply sleep-walk through the process, buying distractions along the way. Instead, consciously step onto the path of being truly alive – honouring your connections to the world in which you live.

Mairead Moriarty, working with individuals, schools (students and faculty), corporations and groups - It's never too late to change - 0868596409 / /

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