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Primary School

Learning to Love Life

Wellbeing workshops combine Q&A, storytelling and games that interest, excite, and educate students.

All material is adjusted to suit the students' ages, gender, and level of understanding.

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... and so much more ...

I create unique stories and workshops to address your specific wellbeing needs.
Roola is a strategic approach to school wellbeing, making it uniquely yours!

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Going Beyond SPHE

School Children

A deep dive into the concepts of:

  • Who I am

  • My Relationships

  • My power as an influencer

  • Leadership with responsibility

  • What real maturity means.

Students, through fun, interactive discussion and debate, learn how they have power to create positive change within their social groups. They develop confidence and belief in who they are.

Recommended for Primary School - 4th, 5th and 6th classes. Delivered over a number of days in individual 1-hour workshops.

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