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The Wellbeing Jigsaw

The Wellbeing Jigsaw

By Mairead Moriarty, Wellbeing Coach

Modern wellbeing is primarily focused on diverse aspects of your body and mind that you may wish to improve. For instance, you may look for ways to lose weight, reduce stress, manage diabetes or navigate menopause. Generally, you will identify what part of yourself needs ''fixing'' or attention.

But you are not a faulty jigsaw made up of wholly unconnected pieces. You are a whole and complex being. Of course, taking the initiative to look for improvements in any area of your life that needs immediate support is good. Nevertheless, any wellbeing initiative should come from a place that addresses your needs as a complete individual.

Getting the right mindset is your foundation for a whole-body system of wellness, allowing you to focus on the needs of your body/mind/spirit while pursuing specific wellbeing activities. Once you identify how to establish a holistic wellbeing mindset, it will start your life-long journey to a balanced life.

Your Wellbeing is about your Entire Being

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