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Learn Meditation: It's the gateway to a better life

Your body is like a car. You might be a vintage model or a high-powered Formula One version, but regardless of what's under your hood, your mind is the driver. And as the driver, you control what performance you will get from your car.

As a human being, you are most comfortable relying on your physical and conscious self to take action and make decisions for you. You feel safe using what you 'know' to direct your life. But your knowledge is limited by what you've learned and experienced. In addition, emotions and feelings like doubt and fear can pop up from your unconscious mind and cloud your judgment.

To make quality decisions, you must allow time and space to 'listen' - to dial down the negative babble of your busy mind while allowing your brain centre that controls high-order functioning to flourish.

Meditation creates a relaxed yet mentally energised state where you can operate at your highest octave. Negative emotions fall away, and you transcend perceived limits. When you step into a meditative state, you put your 'thinking and doing' brain into neutral, allowing increased awareness, better decision-making, and concentration to guide you. This improved awareness stays with you throughout your day.

A mere 15 minutes of daily meditation has been known to generate a 'natural high' that allows you to manage your emotions and overcome difficult situations. Meditation has been proven to bring calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and alleviate pain. You get to step away from your physical body and emotional state to create the space for your positive development and growth.

If you are interested in learning individually or within a group how to correctly meditate and start your journey to a more fulfilling life, give me a call today.

Mairead 0868596409.

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