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Boredom: The Gift that keeps on Giving

Boredom: The Gift that keeps on Giving

by Mairead Moriarty, Wellbeing Coach

The greatest gift you can give your child is boredom. Yes, that's right, boredom! Because it is the breeding ground for developing creativity, one of your child's most important life skills.

A lazy afternoon with no access to TV or technology is when a child will turn to their inner creator. Lego, painting, digging a messy hole in a garden, music, reading, writing, crafting, kicking a ball against the gable end of a house, and so on. Any activity that allows children to design, problem-solve or express themselves is creativity in action and an invaluable step in healthy development. If you can include your child in what you are doing, eg. Baking, gardening, farming, you are building their creative capabilities and confidence too.

It's important to allow space for your children to explore their unstructured creativity either alone or with like-minded friends. Try to limit after-school activities that they have neither aptitude nor interest in. One well-chosen activity, where they will flourish and socialise, will serve them better.

Admittedly, it's no easy task to deal with children who are 'bored' but persevere because once your children identify their preferred interest, it will stay with them for life. In this age of technological over-stimulation, old-school creativity is invaluable in teaching your children how to take ownership of their happiness and manage their well-being.

' 'Creativity is as Important as Literacy'

Sir Ken Robinson

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